ecole estienne


Ecole Estienne which is now 120 years old continues to combine innovation and tradition.
In the autumn of 1889, it opened its doors to its first “pupils", all boys about 13 years old who had to take a competitive entry examination.
It was only in 1972 that female students were accepted.

The creation of the municipal professional school of book arts and industries had been decided by the town council of Paris as early as 1887. This new institution - Ecole Estienne - was given its name to perpetuate the humanist tradition of the Estienne family, a most famous dynasty of Renaissance printers and publishers.
In 1896, the president of the French Republic, Félix Faure, officially inaugurated the presentday buildings on boulevard Auguste-Blanqui.
With the passing years, Ecole Estienne which was first dedicated to printing has also become an institute of visual communication and book art.
Our first computers appeared in 1980 ; there are about 350 today.
Currently, Ecole Estienne is a state-run institute of art and design; it is the Ministry of Education which manages our 115 lecturers and tutors as well as our 600 students whereas operating and investment budgets are assigned by the Paris town council.
ecole estienne